Zero Risk Recruitment (Virtually)

Retained Search with (Virtually) Zero Risk Recruitment

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Hiring Managers would love to have Zero Risk Recruitment, especially when hiring the critical people they need most. Most hiring managers that I speak to in  Cyber Security & ICT market tell me they would always use Retained Search over other recruitment methods if they knew it would deliver.

They see that, when it’s done properly, it usually provides consistent and predictable results. Retained Search usually delivers top performing candidates matched to their business and team needs.

They understand that it costs a little more and there is a commitment fee to pay but understand it will pay dividends in the long run. Why? because they see performance increase, quality increase and revenues increase.

So why the reluctance to use retained search?

To some extent it may be because some people see its use only for hiring executive level jobs. Maybe it’s because there are so many generalist recruiters who promises to deliver top quality at much reduced rates and no up-front charge.

Let’s face it,  most people would prefer paying 15%  of the base salary if they land the right person. That has to be better than paying retained fees with an upfront charge doesn’t it?

I’m not at all sure that this is the reason:

Not Zero Risk RecruitmentI know some companies will do anything to avoid paying recruitment fees. This is something I have never understood, why avoid using specialist who know their market and spend time developing it.  Generalist recruiters who, because of the nature of what they do cannot specialise, are considered a better option. Or worse, using your own valuable time that could and should be much better spent on your own business.

There is a big place for generalists of course, but it’s not finding top performers with rare and specialised skills. Neither finding highly experienced professional that are generally not responsive to the active recruitment market.

But I Might get it Cheaper.

What I think the real reasons is; they don’t want to pay up front costs in case it doesn’t come off. Also, there is always that nagging thought, ‘What if we can get it cheaper elsewhere’! 

I understand that, there is, after all, no risk in terms of paying for something you don’t get, from contingency recruitment is there?

You know what it’s like, you go into the first shop, see exactly the pair of shoes your want, they fit perfectly. But they might be cheaper down the road, off you go, first shop, they don’t have them. So off to the next, they don’t have your size (and they’re the same price). Next shop, they have your size, but no reductions today. Back you go to buy your shoes in the first shop, but no!  they have been sold already. (Plus you wasted a load of shoe leather so you need them even more urgently now.)

I think that most hiring managers, if they knew that the retained search would work, would go for it. Why? because then they know they will get the quality high performers they actually are looking for and in a predictable time frame.

But there is a nagging doubt and that’s often enough not to risk it.

So, what if you could have Zero Risk Recruitment? (Virtually)

There are two elements to the risk, 1/ losing money on the retainer and 2/ the person not performing when they join your business.

So to tackle these two elements of risk directly we make you an offer:

1/ If we fail to deliver againhitting the bulls eyest the requirement we will refund 125% of the Retainer portion only of the Fee .  You lose absolutely nothing, in fact we will compensate you for wasted time.

2/ We will provide up to 12 months free replacement. To be clear if the person leaves your business, for any reason other than redundancy or restructuring, in the first 12 months of working for your business, then we will carry out a new search at not cost additional cost.

This is Zero Risk Recruitment, well virtually. We still cannot stop your nagging doubts that you might find the candidate cheaper, but you probably won’t.

Given most highly skilled top performers don’t apply for jobs, they don’t need to. They Don’t usually respond to general enquiries, they are too busy. If they are looking, they will move off the market quicker  than the proverbial because people like me know who they are.

Other Risks:

There is always an element of risk that, it would seem, cannot be dealt with, but we take steps to reduce this too. How about the Risk of lost time and revenue when the person doesn’t work out.

So what if you could mitigate this risk as well?

Well there is a way. Sound too good to be true?

Find out exactly how you can get all the benefits of Zero Risk Recruitment (Virtually).

Schedule a call now to discuss further, just click this link and book a call.

You get all the advantages and know that if we fail to deliver, or the person fails to work out your investment is protected.

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