What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses?

We dreamstime_l_33596085all know this question, Right?

But what is the best way to answer it and what does the questioner really mean?

So you have been offered the interview and for most people a job interview isn’t something they do everyday, in fact most people will probably face a serious job interview between 6 and 10 times in their career. Which means on average an interview every 4 to 6 years, so not something we actually get that much practice at!

So how prepared are you for your next interview? and how do you prepare for it? In short there is no simple answer, many companies tackle interviews in different ways and to be absolutely honest a lot of interviewers are not that skilled themselves, and why should they be, they find themselves promoted into a management role and told to get on with building their team, no preparation, hardly ever any training and frankly the advice they get from their peers or seniors is not that great.

The whole subject of interviewing is a big one and not something I intend covering in a blog, or even a series of blogs, but I do have something you might find useful as a starter.

Most interviewers (I am reliably informed) ask very similar questions and I have an eBook that covers the top 25 of these.

This will prove invaluable whether you are expecting to be facing an interview in the next few months, or if you are expecting to be interviewing.

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Referring to the question above then watch out for this, most people think this question is a asked routinely and has little real consequence.

Far from it! A good interviewer is looking to see if the opinions they have already formed are correct, whether or not you look to evade the question or offer up some lame, cliched answer or if you are going to face it head on and admit where you need to strengthen your skills.

The only real tactic to answering this question is honestly!