VP Engineering – Romania

Diversity VP engineeringThe requirement for a VP Engineering.

Our Client is a specialist in International Payment solutions and approached us to find a VP Engineering.

They have a development centre based in Romania but there was a cultural problem in the operation of this site. Their local staff were all very good people, hardworking and very skilled. However they did not understand the way Western and specifically US business was done.

Our client had spent some time trying to put this right and came to the conclusion that they needed a leader for the site who could bridge the cultural differences.

The brief we were given was to find Senior (Vice President) level person who had extensive experience of both cultures. Ideally the person will have worked in Romania but have worked with US and European business as well.

The search:

We conducted a search of most of the major international businesses in the region, companies operating similar off-shore facilities. We found several people with this general profile, however none of had the real experience of bridging the cultural difference. Mostly these people had worked for US companies and were European, but not Romanian. The other model used was for the company to send someone from the US to manage the facility.

It was clear that a local search in Romania wasn’t going to find the right profile, so we looked outside. Our focus turned to looking at Romanians who had lived and worked in other European Countries or the USA. We were able to find a Romanian who had lived and worked for over 20 years in the US but was now looking to spend some time back in Romania.

This person had extensive experience of managing Romanian teams whilst he had been based in the US, he had exactly the experience of fixing these same issues with other companies, ensuring open communication and setting expectations for both the US management and the Romanian workforce leading to increased productivity, revenues and a decrease in personnel churn from the Romanian office.