Online Video Interviewing

Discover how Online Video Interviewing can benefit your recruitment process

Our comprehensive, innovative, digital online recruitment platform, ensures that you see high quality Video Interviews of all potential candidates to run alongside their CV. You will significantly reduce the amount of Time & Money you spend on your recruitment process. Tailoring the video Interview will ensure the most important and relevant questions are the ones being answered. You will select the best culture fit candidates for a face-to-face interview with confidence.  This will eliminate the need for first stage face to face or phone interviews from your process.

Watch a short Video Presentation.

Company Sell; Pre-record your company presentation to show to the candidates. This will enable them to see and understand the benefits of joining your business. The candidate will see that Company is involvement in the interview process.

Record & Replay; Record and played back the Video Interview whenever you need to see them, thus eliminating the need to rely on your notes and shorthand.

Multi Device Platform; Watch the Video on any device, include Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile (Android or Apple)

Virtual Panel; Your team will watch the video from any location globally and at the time that suits them. Each assessor, including the search consultant, can provide Question by Question feedback giving an overall assessment score.

Benchmark; The Pre-recorded questions option will ensure a consistent level of candidate assessment.

Flexible & Manageable; You won’t arrange numerous interview sessions for initial candidate assessment. You won’t rely on a Telephone call which prevents you seeing body language. Just set up the interview and get your search consultant to manage the assessment process.

Reduced Time to Hire; The recorded Video Interview will speed up your recruitment process by as much as 50%  resulting in a reduced average time to hire from around 45 days to 25 days

Saving Time & Money; On average you will save 30% of your hiring costs because less time is needed by you and your highly paid team to conduct fewer interviews.


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