Case Study – UK Sales Director

The Place-able Candidate – UK Sales Director

We were referred to an outstanding Senior UK Sales Director because he had an excellent track record in managing and building sales teams. This enviable track record of personal sales and successful sales team development made him very attractive to the market.

UK Sales Director

We arranged to meet this person to confirm what we had already seen from his profile and our discussions. It was clear his skills in sales management were exceptional, we therefore agreed to work with him in our OnGoing MarketWatch programme.

We have a very strong relationship with one particular client, a specialist company in Contact Centre Solutions. Knowing they were always interested to hear when there were good people on the market we made our introduction.

We could sell the value this person offered because our client knew that we only dealt with Top Performers. So they were very pleased when we made the introduction and quickly arranged a meeting with the head of HR. She immediately understood his value and therefore asked him to meet with a number of the senior management team.

The result

The company  were very impressed by what he had achieved and believed he could add significantly to their business.  They decided to offered him the key role of of UK Sales Director. Over the coming year he  shook up and added to the sales team which resulted in a greatly improved performance with sales revenues almost doubling.

The ability to move quickly to hire this high achiever has been a major benefit to this company. This example is not unique and is a service we perform regularly for our best clients.

The service is call OnGoing MarketWatch, it has allowed numerous of our clients to respond quickly to get the Top Performers they need.

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