The war for Talent is hotting up

‘ The war for Talent is hotting up, how will you make sure you have the high performing ICT Sales Talent you deserve for your business?’

Hiring Top Performing ICT sales people for your business can be a daunting task and with the war for talent hotting up it won’t be getting easier anytime soon!dreamstime_l_38204537

You know your competitors are out there right now looking to get ahead of the game, what are you doing to win this war?

If you are looking to grow your sales team in the next few months then you need to be doing something about it right now. Bringing on great sales talent doesn’t happen by accident, you need a strategy to make sure you can beat your competitors to the high performing sales talent you need..

Our clients tell us time and time again how they really struggle to attract these top performers and how this has a real adverse impact on achieving their goals, I have even heard of businesses that have had to shelve their plans because they simply couldn’t get the right people into their sales teams when they needed them.

The problem is that Top Performing ICT sales people are simply not looking for a new role, why would they? They are making enough money where they are and unless  you can get your business in front of them how are they ever going to know you’re looking?

Of course they do raise their heads to look around from time to time and when they do they are quickly snapped up so they aren’t around long.

And if you do manage to snare one the chances are they are looking at two, three or four other opportunities (with your competitors?) so you have to make your offering really exciting and attractive to have any chance of winning.

There are alternatives to hiring top performers. You can always seed your organisation with potential talent and train these guys up, it will take time and effort but can be very rewarding and you have the advantage of training them in the way you do business without having to deal with bad habits. This is something you should always be doing, but it does take time and requires a real investment in these people.33b7850

But what if you simply have to have someone now, maybe you lose one of your own top performers, or your management want you to open up a new territory, or there is a new solution coming onto the market and you need someone with the experience of launching new solutions or services.

Or maybe one of you high performing accounts has been mismanaged and you need a turnaround specialist or the last hires you made have failed to come good and you need a sure fire winner to come in and get your sales moving.

What would it mean to you if you knew you could react super-fast and have someone in place in just a few weeks rather than the uncertainty of having to go to the market?

Well you can! There is a way…

Why not click the button below and book a 10 minute phone call with our leading consultant you’ll discover how you can:

  • Move really quickly when a role opens up in your business
  • Select from the top achievers in the market when they are interested to look your way
  • Maintaining a constant awareness of the market, what is happening and where, getting a good view of your competitors activity and what issues they may be experiencing
  • Maximise your companies earning potential by getting high achievers into your business when you need them!
  • Beat your competition to this talent depriving them of hiring.

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