Specialist Recruitment

Horses for courses – or, why one size recruiter does not fit all!

I use skill to fill my jobsPerhaps one of the most consistent problems we hear from hiring managers, when they are looking to hire someone with very specific skills & experience  is, ‘how frustrating the whole process can be‘. They engage two or three generalist recruiters and they just don’t understand why they don’t receive quality candidate profiles. Of course the answer is they need to engage Specialist Recruitment and here’s why.

They have a very specific requirement.  

Because they are looking for people with rare and sought after skills and experience and this isn’t something just any recruiter can manage. But the impression I get from so many hiring managers is that they think that the recruitment industry has candidates already lined up, just for them.

Generalist Recruitment

These generalist recruiters are really very good at what they do. However what they do is not what this type of search needs. The generalist recruiter is very good at tapping the active market. They know how to search their database, linkedin, job boards and they can send out emails and phone recent contacts. They can deliver quantity very quickly, but not quality.

When it comes to something highly specialised the generalist does not really have the depth of understanding required. The Generalist will not understand and identify the skills and experience you need to satisfy your requirement.

Specialist Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment ICTYou can, of course use Niche recruiters, specialists in their domain.

These people spend a lot of time getting to really know their markets and they are very good. In fact better than just very good at working on their niche. Basically they get to virtually know everybody there is both on the client and candidate side of the equation. 

The thing with this type of recruiter is that because they are so niche they cannot possibly have that level of knowledge across a broad range of job types. Their experience is very narrow but very deep. This is a highly specialised form of Specialist Recruitment that is highly focused. So unless your requirement fits their niche then they will not have enough network data to help you.

By the way I really do recommend using Niche recruiters where it is appropriate. (We have our own specialist niches).

What about the role that doesn’t fit into these niches and do not lend themselves to a quick active search!

Here you need a specialist head-hunter.Global Cyber Security Specialist Recruitment

The specialist Head-hunter is someone who spends a lot of time getting to know your market segment (so quite a broad niche). They network into that segment, staying on top of developments and they gain a high level of understanding of their market. They provide you with a specialist recruitment service.

This enables them to uncover and identify the people you need for those harder to find role. This is much broader than a Niche recruiter who will most likely work on a limited number of Job titles. 

But on top of this deeper level of sector & segment knowledge these people have very well developed influencing skills; they understand how to uncover what will motivate a person to consider your opportunity. They understand the psychology of how to actually get a person who is totally at ease in their current role to actually consider a change.

It is not enough to simply ask someone if they are interested in another job, the usual answer will be no, I am perfectly happy where I am thanks!

It’s not enough just to sell them the Company, or the challenge, or the benefits of the new position. This is important as well but what is an absolute necessity is the ability to get inside the mind of the candidate. To determine what will actually motivate them to move away from their current role is vital.

People don’t move for something new and exciting, they move away from something old and stale. Unless you can identify what they will move away from then the chances are they will not move at all.

The service doesn’t stop there, once  the person on the hook you need to know they are the right person for you. So a detailed candidate assessment is carried out that can include a recorded interview.

The process for attracting, selling, qualifying and presenting the specialist candidates you need, this is specialist recruitment.

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