Antal-JFA Two levels of Search Solution

Antal-JFA provides two levels of Search Solution – Retained & Contingency Search

The recruitment market is difficult to navigate, with many companies using internal recruitment teams or outsourcing their recruitment. Almost all companies we have spoken to, tell us that they have a great deal of difficulty filling specialised jobs. This is especially so in the technical recruitment market where there is a severe Skills Shortage.   In 2017 in the USA alone there was estimated to be 40,000 unfilled jobs in Cyber Security for Soc Analysts. Companies are therefore having to look to external specialist recruitment agencies to provide a search solution.

A Search Solution is about uncovering hidden talent not on the open market. Finding highly skilled specialists is an art and there are few Recruiters with the skills or experience required for this.

Our Retained Search Solution

retained-search solution

When should you use Retained Search?

  • When the role is critical to your business interests. Not getting the right person will impact your ability to make money or save money. The reputation of the business is at stake or even when the role is required to save the business.
  • Plans for your business are dependant on the new role being filled within a certain date. 
  • Senior management are almost always critical positions to fill.
  • Where the skills or experience required are in high demand and short supply. You are targeting very specific skills, perhaps in a new technology. When there is a strong market trend toward a type of technology or solution. (For example the current trend toward Cloud Services, and high demand for Cyber Security).
  • When the reputation of your business would be adversely impacted by the apparent cheapening of the search. This occurs when multiple recruiters call the same candidates time after time. Retained and Exclusive searches ensure a methodical and controlled access to the market.

In short when you simply cannot afford to take a chance on getting the right person. 

Why Pay a Retainer

Retainers are an up front payment to secure the services of a search consultant, or Head-Hunter. The amount will vary depending upon the role but is usually between 25% and 33% of the fee. This level of fee is usual for a one off recruitment assignment. There are other models for project assignments or where there is more than one person required.

Paying a commitment fee, or retainer will secure the services of a Specialist Search Consultant, dedicated to your assignment.

The Retained Search Solution Process:

Requirement Capture:

  • At the outset of a new relationship a meeting the recruitment team and line manager is a great advantage. This allows the head-hunter to get an understand the environment, culture and personalities involved and develops trust and understanding. 
  • A face to face meeting or Video call with the hiring manager will be beneficial for each new engagement.
  • For each new role, there needs to be a full brief.
  • Much of this can be foregone for roles previously worked. Only changes or specific details need covering. (Ideally this can be a 15 minute phone call).
  • The objective is to fully capture the requirements; Job Description, level and extent of experience required, qualifications, competencies etc. But also to understand the people involved, especially of the immediate team and manager.
  • It is not sufficient to provide a Job Spec no matter how detailed. This is because it does not provide sufficient insight to the soft skills required such as personality, culture etc.. 
  • Explain and agree the Interview Process.
  • Agree delivery criteria and timescales for delivery.
  • On-boarding process
  • The full compensation package for the role (in detail).

Search Initiation:

Candidate SelectionBy using everything we have learned about the requirement the first task is to define the search universe, ie. Where potential candidates could be now, who they may be working for and what they may be doing.

The objective is to gather an initial prospective candidate list from all available sources. Typically this starts with at least 70 names. Over the period of the search  this may grow to 120 and 150 names.

Our consultants maintain an extensive list of candidates within their specialisation. As a matter of course Antal are always looking to maintain contact with the industries top performers. These are the people who have made an impact and difference in the companies where they have worked. Our objective with this is to know where the talent is and to be able to tap this resource for our Retained clients.

A search for both Active & Passive candidates using advertising on Job Boards, Social Media and other media as well as Passive search techniques.

Candidate Engagement

Our first candidate engagement activity is to contact the list of candidates. Our experience suggests this is best executed by phone initially as email, LinkedIn messaging and other social media contact only exacts a response from 30% of the market. That is just the people that are either actively seeking or interested to explore a new role.

However the market of potential candidates is much bigger than this. There is evidence that up to 80 of the total market when engaged properly will consider your opportunity.  Your opportunity and business will be sold by skilled consultants to potential candidates to solicit their interest.

Candidate Selection

Consultants will conduct initial qualification interviews once a candidate is engaged. This is a short interview to ensure the candidate has the qualification, flexibility (location, travel etc.), experience required and fits the salary expectations.

These initially qualified candidates are our Long-list. People we want to conduct in depth interviews with using online Video Interviewing.This interview will be based upon the Job Order and will take the form of competency based questions. There would normally be between 8 and 15 such interviews undertaken.

Candidate Presentation

A shortlist of 2 or 4 qualified candidates will be presented in between 4 or 5 weeks. Candidates that are exceptional are presented as they are qualified. At the end of the first wee search one or two profiles will be reviewed with our client as a benchmark.

Antal shall present the short list of usually 3 or 4 people, though if there are not 3 suitable people we will put forward only those suitable. Occasionally we will put forward more candidates if it seems appropriate.

The candidate presentation will be by phone or face to face with the interviewing manager and will talk through each candidate and present the reasons for their selection. This will be accompanied by full CV, McQuaig report, candidate profile and could include a recording of a short video introduction of the candidate.

The Client assesses and agrees the shortlist.

Client assessment Process

candidate interview boardAhead of each client interview the consultant will call the client to run through the profile of the candidate. This is to ensure that client has everything they need and to remind them about each of the candidates and highlight pertinent facts. The consultant fully briefs the candidate prior to interview..

Following the interview there will be a full debrief. The debrief for each interview is an essential part of the recruitment process. This will ensure the candidate has full feedback on how they performed. It allows the decision maker to talk through their thoughts and ideas to enable them to reach the right decisions. 

Decision makers often making changes to their requirement after the experience of the first round of interviews from lessons learnt.

In debriefing the candidate we will ensure that we understand exactly how he/she feels about the opportunity. We will uncover any early warning signs that the candidate may have doubts (and often ensure these are dealt with). Often we can actually correct wrong impressions made during the interview. 

The offer:

Once the interviews are concluded and the decision of who to offer is made it is now vital to ensure that the offer is successful. Many deals break down at this point because the offer is not managed well. This is the point where the candidate is being asked to decide major changes to their life and it takes a great deal of skill to manage this effectively.

Our experience is that, whilst money is important it is seldom the prime motivator in someone accepting a new role. Our skilled consultants will have ensured they have a full understanding of the candidate motivation and will broker the offer in a way that ensures greatest chance of success.

Retainer Guarantee:

As an important part of selecting retained business is to be as certain as possible you will make the hire you need for your business and be able to predict when this will happen. To you this confidence we offer a strong guarantee on the retainer agreement.  Antal JFA’s offer is that we will refund 125% of the retainer if we fail to deliver, against the requirement as compensation for wasting time. What we will deliver and the time scales will be agreed for each assignment, (as described above).

The guarantee is only valid if the retainer is fully paid within 14 days of the retainer invoice and if up to that point the client has fully followed Antal JFA’s recruitment process.

Our Contingency Search Solution

This can be either exclusive or non-exclusive

Contingency search solution

When to use a contingency search solution

  • When you are looking to fill multiple roles with the same or similar function, ie volume recruitment.
  • For less senior roles where the skills required are commonly available on the market
  • When you can expect a suitably large active response to the position
  • When you want to maintain an ongoing market watch for a specific role in your business (see below for more on this).

What Contingency search cannot provide:

The nature of a contingency search solution is that the client business will only pay for candidates who are successfully placed into their business and Talent Pools for search solutionthey often engage multiple recruitment businesses. Therefore there is no guarantee from the client that the any one recruitment business will be paid for the work they do to perform the search.

Because there is inherently more risk for the recruitment business then there is a requirement for them to mitigate this risk by ensuring that they have a high volume of business so as to increase the chances of success.

Candidates sourced for one role can and will often be presented for other business the recruitment business is working at the time. Therefore there is no exclusivity of candidates.

Prioritisation of work will inevitably be given to the assignments with the greatest chance of success.

This often results in an initial high level of activity which then drops away as the recruitment business ensures that their best candidates are passed quickly to the client so as to avoid losing out to competition, this activity level then drops away as the recruitment business prioritises other areas.

Because there is no guaranteed fee there can be no guarantee of delivery. We make every efforts to supply at least two or three high quality, qualified and motivated candidates for each assignment. Higher priority business, however, is given precedence and we will not knowingly offer candidates forward that are inappropriate to the role, therefore we cannot commit to delivering any candidates.

Advantages of Contingency Search Solution

By going out to two or three agencies with the search requirement there will be a rapid response ensuring that the active market place is explored quickly.

Specialist niche recruiters will often be working with a number of relevant candidates and may well be able to supply highly skilled candidates in short time that are not commonly available. Many of these candidates will have been worked for retained search but were not right for that search so these candidates can be made available to wider market.

Many of the candidates will be immediately available on the market and therefore can be in place quickly.

Contingency recruitment is often a cheaper option to retained search, but beware of buying on price alone, cheap recruiters are cheap for a reason.

The Contingency Search Solution Process

Much of our process for contingency search is the same as for Retained search with the following exceptions.

  • The assignment requirements will be captured by a Phone or Video call. Face to face is always better but time and volume can preclude this. A full job order is always taken, we do not rely on just a job description.
  • Initiation and Candidate engagement: Each of our consultants are specialist niche recruiters maintaining a high level of contact with top achievers.  A ready pool of quality candidates that match your contingency requirements are maintained by each consultants maintain . Often these candidates are passive candidates sourced for retained search assignments and therefore not available to the active market.
  • Reference checks are not taken as a matter of course.
  • Individual McQuaig psychometric profiling can be provided for each candidate at additional cost. (This is provided as standard for retained search)
  • Measure the candidates against a full job profile. Provided as standard for retained search.

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