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Leave your technical & senior recruitment to the specialists.

There are numerous Blogs and Articles out there about the true cost of recruitment, I have written a couple myself. Its true to say that if you ask most hiring managers and HR Recruiting partners, they will totally underestimate these costs. APS Talent Solutions will help you control these costs.

The first and sometimes only cost that is taken into considerations is: ‘How much the recruiter charges’ or ‘How much it costs to employ your own recruiting staff.

But that’s not even the largest component, in fact it can actually be quite a small part of the whole Cost of Recruitment.

The main component is the time invested by those involved from your business in the hiring process.  Their time is often overlooked because it’s considered a part of their job. The fact remains there is a cost to the company and not just wages and facilities. The lost production Costs are too often ignored.

The most common reason I hear from hiring managers for procrastination over hiring is, they don’t really have the time. In other words their time is better spent on doing their day job rather than on recruitment, very true.

How APS Talent Solutions – Specialist Recruitment can make a difference 

So it stands to reason, doesn’t it? That the time you and your team spend on recruitment should be minimised. Their time should be as productive as possible. Is there is any part of the process that someone else can do that’s not impacting your company’s productivity? If so then they should be the ones doing it and not you or your team.

But it is also vital that the people that work on your recruitment don’t actually add to the burden on your time and costs. They really need to be effective at what they do, ie specialist recruiters.

Outsourcing isn’t a new concept, it’s very likely your firm is involved directly or indirectly in outsourcing already. You already know the number 1 reason for outsourcing is reducing cost!

In our eBook, APS Talent Solutions’ Discover why transforming your Hiring Process is all about you, your Time & your Money’ you will learn how outsourcing your technical and senior recruitment to specialists:

  • Can save your business time, money and effort
  • Provide you with qualified, experienced and specialist recruitment resource just when you need them
  • Provide your team with the experience and expertise you need to ensure the greatest success

And so much more

APS Talent Solutions’ 

Discover why transforming your Hiring Process is all about you, your Time & your Money’


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