Search Solution – Retained Search

For your peace of mind, we offer 125% money back guarantee on the Retainer. 

Why use a Retainer?

Retained search is not appropriate to all recruitment, especially where the skills or  experience required are common in the market and you have a high expectation of  candidate interest for the role.

When you Would use Retained Search?


  • When the role is critical to your business interests and not getting the right person will have a severe impact on your ability to make or save money, where the reputation of the business is at stake or even when the role is required to save the business.
  • For predictable recruitment when you need to be able to plan your business with confidence.
  • All senior management positions, these roles are almost always critical.
  • There are usually only a handful of senior managers who are actively available so in order to ensure that the market has been suitably explored it is necessary to make direct contact with sufficient numbers to ensure you get the right person for your business.
  • Where the skills or experience required are in high demand and short supply in the Market, this is when you are targeting very specific skills or experience, perhaps in a new technology area or where there is a strong market trend toward a type of technology or solution (for example the current trend toward Cloud Services).
  • When the reputation of your business would be adversely impacted by the apparent cheapening of the search, this can occur when multiple recruiters call the same candidates time after time. Retained and Exclusive searches ensure a methodical and controlled access to the market.

In short when you simply cannot afford to take a chance on getting the right person and where you need to be able to make firm plans for this person in your business. 

We offer a 125% Retainer Guarantee – If we fail to deliver, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

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