Building a Project Management Team

The Problem:

We had been working for one particular client, a UK business providing Global Managed Network Services to large International Corporation, for Project management teama few months. Working with them on a number of opportunities, in Sales, Presales and Operations. Now they needed a solution for their Project Management Team.

Project Management is a key and critical area of their service. Getting the right resource to manage and implement the projects in time had proved problematic. They simply could not attract the right people with the right culture, work ethic, experience and skills they needed.

The result of this is new projects are taken on without the necessary Project staff in place at the outset. Therefore our client had to use existing project staff to cover while new Project staff were recruited. As a result of this existing projects were put under increasing strain and new projects were put at risk.

Existing resource was being stretched and some members of the team left the business which created even greater stress.

Building the Project Management Team:

After consulting we decided that the best way to ensure they could grow the team in a controlled and reliable way was to seed the team with raw talent. Then develop these people so that they could take on increasingly bigger and more complex projects. They would also need to be able to add experience to the team from time to time as well.

To do this we would find an ongoing supply of talented post graduate people with around 18 months related experience. Having a degree would ensure candidates had achieved a level of academic and learning ability and so would be able to progress themselves on the job. Starting as Project Coordinators they would gain experience from the bottom up. As their experience developed they would be able to take on increasingly complex projects with additional responsibility.

So that our client would be able to take on more complex projects, as needed, we would maintain an Ongoing MarketWatch for qualified Project Managers with the relevant experience level required.

Over a period of 18 months we sourced more than 16  Project Coordinators and 8 experienced Project Managers. As a result, our client was able to find the Project Management resource necessary to facilitate their rapid expansion. (YOY Growth of over 35%).  Existing projects ran more smoothly and their customer satisfaction level rose significantly.

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