Online Digital Interviewing

Discover how Online Digital Interviewing can benefit your recruitment process

Digital Interview

Record & Replay; Video Interviews can be recorded and played back when you need to see them, time and again. No need to rely on your notes and shorthand.

Virtual Panel; The video can be seen and assessed by your selection team in any location globally and at the time that suits them.

Benchmark; Use a standard set of pre-recorded questions to ensure consistent candidate assessment.

Company Sell; Pre-recording a company presentation to enable candidates to see and understand the benefits of joining your business this allows the perception of the Companies involvement in the interview.

Flexible & Manageable; No need to arrange numerous interview sessions for initial candidate assessment, no scheduling of telephone calls. Just set up the interview and give to your search consultant to manage the assessment process.

Assessment process; Each assessor, including the search consultant, can provide Question by Question feedback on each candidate giving an overall assessment score for each candidate

Saving Time & Money.

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