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Senior Database Administrator:

A senior DBA with strong experience in data modelling, performance tuning, database administration, QA checks and resolving data issues. Proficient in investigating and resolving complex database issues, recommending solution with performance improvement options and analysing and specifying database requirements

  • Defined and implemented a MOT Computerisation transition project to create a MongoDB data mining application saving his client > £2Million and enabling sales of > £4.5 Million

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Highly Skilled and Experienced Software Deployment Engineer

Over 15 years IT support and deployment experience,Leading Teams on Large-scale European wide projects

  • Build & deploy over 400 pc's running thin client Windows 8.1, Office 365 and Lync 2013 with Adobe Writer, Interaction, Laser Forms and various other Law based applications.
  • Build and deploy 100+ High End Cad Workstations, (using SCCM2012) with Windows 7 Enterprise, MSOffice 2010, Lync 2010, Adobe Design Package, Rhino, AutoCAD and other Architectural and bespoke apps.
  • Build; deploy Laptops Thin Clients and Workstations, visiting site across the UK on multiple domains. Process includes USMT & SCCM 2007 to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise; MSOffice 2010 suite including Microsoft OCS 2010, security based apps, development and bespoke software

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MW JFA010 Exec

Professional Services Exec and Programme Director:

With thirty years in technology, has led multi-million dollar, commercially-aware strategic change programmes; often where others have previously failed.

  • Created the Pre-Sales and delivery methodology for Cloud Solutions Services; an operating model enabler for scaling PS from $286m to $600m in 3 years; Fifth person assigned to this task
  • The result was that Services consulting margin grew from 5% to 18% in both EMEA and APAC the first quarter after going live.

This person has a broad experience working directly into Financial Services, Retail, NHS as well as for IT Solutions and Service providers

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MW JFA011 Pass

Senior Technical Consultant and ASP.Net Developer:

Over 9 years’ experience that includes project management, software development and international deployment projects including:

  • Delivered and implemented a federated search solutions to the top 10 legal firms across the UK and Ireland
  • Over the past 5 years he has delivered around 40- advanced technology solutions that lets users search multiple information resources at once, for legal firms across Europe producing cost saving to the client’s that range between £30-70k each.

Technologies include: ASP.NET C# 1.1 – 4.5: , MS SQL Server 2008, SSRS, AJAX, XML and more.

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