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Keep an Ongoing MarketWatch for the top talent you need and deserve for your business.

Ongoing Market watch

Perhaps the most common concerns we hear time and again from the ICT hiring managers is:

  • You can never find the people you need when you need them
  • The candidates you get always seem to be totally inappropriate
  • Or they have inconsistent CVs
  • Or they are just average or unperforming
  • In short they are not the talent you need or deserve for your business

Well there is a solution to this we call it Ongoing MarketWatch.

Ongoing MarketWatch is a service we provide that brings the Top Performing & High Achieving ICT Talent you need and that will make a real difference to your business directly to you.

Imagine what it could do for your business if you can find the candidates you need just when you need them, the candidates usually only uncovered by a search campaign that can take well over 6 weeks to complete, usually involving upfront payment and is charged at the premium rates needed for a full search.

Imagine what it would mean for you.

High Performing ICT talent are always going to be difficult to find, they are unlikely to be actively looking to join your business and they are too busy to be responding to advertising or to the usual approach from recruiters.

Ongoing MarketWatch maintains a constant search of the market looking for the high achieving and highly skilled talent, the top 20% of the ICT Market and then works with these people to understand their motivation, their career goals and ambitions, what they will respond to and when they will be ready to consider your opportunity and then brings them to you.

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