Ongoing Talent-Watch

Did you know that if you are a Top Performer or a High Achiever in Cyber Security or ICT sales YOU are in great demand right NOW?

Over 70% of the UK market is recruiting today and this is only going to increase in the next quarter and probably for the rest of the year.

Not since before the recession has there been such a demand for top talent and businesses are crying out now for the High Achievers & Top performersSo if that’s you then you need to read on.

The number one problem hiring managers have in sourcing people like you is, they cannot find you. It’s as simple as that.

You are almost impossible to find!

Traditional recruitment using advertising or generalist recruiters fails to identify you as the top talent the market is looking for. Mostly because you are far too busy making money to respond to advertising and generalist recruiters don’t know how to find you.

That’s where Ongoing MarketWatch  comes in. Ongoing MarketWatch takes Top Performers straight to the Hiring Managers who are looking for them.

It’s highly focussed and targeted and strictly confidential.

Ongoing MarketWatch is an active campaign that markets Top Achievers straight to the hiring managers of the business YOU want to know about.

It also brings Open and Passive (where there is a requirement but the company is not ready to advertise it) Opportunities directly to you so you always know, ahead of the market when your ideal opportunity is about to open up.

Often it brings Decision Makers and Top Performers together BEFORE there is an opening, and at times opportunities have been created to bring the right talent on board.

Ongoing MarketWatch enables you to watch the market and when the right opportunity is there then it allows you to act.

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