ICT Sales & Presales MarketWatch

Keep an Ongoing MarketWatch for the top ICT Sales & Presales talent you need and deserve for your business.

Ongoing MarketWatch is a service we provide that brings the Top Performing & High Achieving ICT Talent you need and that will make a real difference to your business directly to you.

This is where you will find the high level profiles of all our current ICT Sales & Presales MarketWatch members.

These will be either:

ActiveWatch These are Top performers and High Achievers that are not easy to find on the market but who are actively engaged in looking for a new role today and will be interested to explore roles that are currently available. 

PassiveWatch These are the Top Performers and High Achieving passive candidates. They are not currently looking for a new role but are interested to explore potential opportunities for their next challenge or next career step. They are not on the active market, their CVs will not usually be found on Job Boards or through your PSL or internal recruiters. 

ExecWatch are passive candidates at executive level  (usually on a base salary > £90k)

How it works:

If you see a profile that interests you, just click the link on the profile, add your name and email to the  form and you will be sent a fully detailed but confidential profile outlining the person’s recent history, major achievements, value and motivation.

At that point you will be invited to book a short 10 minute meeting with a consultant to discuss the profile in more detail and to determine whether to proceed further.

New profiles are being added all the time, if you request an more detailed profile today you will be sent new profiles as they are added. If you don’t want to see more information on any of the existing profiles today but would be interested to see new profiles as they come on line then Click the link below.