When Your Recruitment Doesn’t Go to Plan!

Less than 20% of people working in the ICT industry are actively looking for a new job TODAY.

Our clients tell us that the value they find in working with our business is that they get to see the top talent they don’t see anywhere else; their recruitment is now a success where they had previously failed.dreamstime_l_33642914

Did you know that there are less than 20% of ICT people Actively looking for a new role today? Even though well over 65% of people tell us they would consider a new challenge. And this is less with Sales people, the evidence suggest its less than 8% of sales people are actually actively engaged in job search. Once again though, many of them will consider the right opportunity.

Are you looking to save money on your recruitment?

Most Hiring & HR managers tell us that, when they need to save costs in their business, it is their spend on external recruiters they go to first to save these costs.

Fees paid to external recruiters seem high, especially if you can manage to find the people you need for your business yourself (and we are not cheap!) so we agree, if you can effectively recruit yourself why wouldn’t you?24c7cfc

However we are told time and again that companies really struggle to find the ICT talent they need for their business.

So if you are responsible for hiring critical ICT talent for your business and you find that:

  • You are receiving a constant stream of inappropriate CVs?
  • Or the best candidates reject your offer?
  • You cannot attract the quality top performing candidates you need?
  • You find the process drags on without reaching a conclusion?
  • Or you find the best candidates dropping out, accepting other offers or being tempted back with a counter offer from their own company?

If you experience any of these then our report on the 6 most common reasons recruitment fails is for you!A recent survey carried out by a leading recruitment business discovered there are 6 reasons why your recruitment will fail and in order to help our clients succeed in recruiting top performers for their business, we have produced a Free Report to explain why your recruitment fails & what you can do about it.Picking Talent

So if you find your are constantly only seeing the Unemployable, Unqualified & Uninterested then this free report is for you.

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Discover how you will attract candidates from the, more than, 80% that are not actively looking (without ignoring the other 20%), if you can do this then THE BENEFIT TO YOU IS CLEAR; you will know that you have seen the best talent that is available today, not just those you managed to get to respond to your job opening.