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Did you know the ICT skills gap is hurting Your business?

And with employment in ICT Operations & Technical expected to grow at around 5 times the UK average over the next decade, unless something is done it will only get worse.

There are numerous reasons for this but possibly the most worrying is that the standard of education curriculum has steadily declined at all levels from schools to universities over the past 10 plus years.

If this doesn’t change the skills gap can only get worse.

And this is going to impact your business, what it means for you today is that it is going to get increasingly more difficult to find the highly skilled people you need for your business, with fewer developers, Systems Architects, Project Managers, Support, Implementation and so on, your business will do well to secure these people.

And with the problem coming arising from education, seeding your businesses with raw talent and developing these people is going to be less of a solution.

There are options, outsoucing the skills, bringing in the talent from countries that have the skills etc. but actually this isn’t so straight forward and with all flavours of government set on making immigration more difficult the onus is going to be placed firmly on your business to demonstrate you cannot get the talent you need before you get to bring people in from outside of Europe.

There is no immediate solution, there isn’t going to be a sudden glut of talented people, so increasingly finding the people you need is going to be a challenge. Thinking you have been OK until now doesn’t make it OK for the future.

So you are going to need to be very open minded in securing the talent you need, you will need to plan well ahead of the need to identify and secure the people you need and you can be sure that the competition for this talent will be rife.

With this in mind you should be thinking well outside the box so that you do not find yourself competing with several other companies when you need to bring on the critical skills you need for your business.dreamstime_l_10026613

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