Find Good Sales People

Top Performing Sales People DON’T apply for jobs!

Every successful Cyber Security & ICT Sales Manager knows that it’s their top performing sales people that make them the top People looking awayperforming company. They also know how difficult it can be to Find Good Sales People especially for technology sales.

The problem is, there are a limited number of top performing Sales People in this sector that are actually actively looking for a new opportunity right now. Consequently, you are not always going to meet the people that will make a real impact for you.

Unless you can be sure of meeting the highest performing sales people then you can be sure it is having a negative impact on you and your firm, leading to Hiring Managers becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed with the calibre of candidate being offered or applying to their roles.

Well it’s not your fault and it doesn’t have to be that way. There are tried and tested methods that are being used by your competitors that will literally guarantee they attract the best of the best.

Well up until now, it has been one of the best kept secrets of your industry.

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