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‘Attracting the Top Performing Cyber Security Talent our clients need for their business.’

World Cyber Map with Antal Cyber headlineWith the estimated costs of the damage caused by cyber-crime set to hit 6 Trillion by 2021, (CyberSecurity Ventures), Cyber Security is a subject on everyone’s mind. Any company that wants to stay in business is therefore going have to do something to mitigate the threat. That will drive a need for specialist skilled Cyber Security resource.

It will come as no surprise then, with the demand for good Cyber Security people increasing all the time, there is very much a war for talent and this is a war that you simply cannot afford to lose. Another report by CyberSecurity Ventures, suggest there may be as many as 3.5 Million Open Cyber security jobs by 2021. Cybersecurity Jobs Report.

To meet the demand from our clients to find highly talented Cyber Security Experts, Antal International has set up a Specialist Global Cyber Security division, ‘Antal – Cyber’.

As specialist head-hunters with a deep understanding of our clients’ recruitment needs as well as understanding what motivates and drives these highly skilled & talented individuals, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients attract and secure the High Achievers they need to ensure their business stays ahead of their competition.

We are not Cyber Security specialist, that’s what you do; we are Search Specialists with a deep understanding of Global Cyber Security Recruitment. What this means for you is you don’t have to waste your precious time doing someone else’s job.

Are you someone with the responsibility to hire Top Performing Cyber Security Talent for your business? Then Staying ahead of your competition and winning this war for talent has got to be a priority.

Our clients tell us that their usual recruitment process failed to find and attract the Top Performers they need. Even recruitment companies that say they specialise in this area will often fall well short.

Just how do you know who you can turn to support this critical part of your business? It’s not easy and it’s a costly business working with the wrong people.

Why Antal – Cyber?

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  • Antal Cyber has specialist Consultants in offices that cover 70% of the Globe. Meaning our clients source the leading international Cyber Security Talent they need. 
  • Ask us about our exciting and industry leading, guarantee options that will greatly reduce your hiring risks.
  • Skilled Consultants trained in the art of influencing will ensure that the Top Performing Talent will consider your opportunity
  • Our Powerful Search Processes Attract the Talent you need without relying on responses to LinkedIn or other Social Media.
  • We don’t rely just on Active candidates found on Job Boards or who respond to Adverts.
  • Our robust Candidate Selection Process that includes a recorded video interview with candidates will save you time and money on wasted first interviews.
  • Options for Psychometric profiling of you, your team and the role enables you to see how well candidates will work with you and your team.

If you do things in the same way you have always done, then you’ll get the same results. So, if your recruitment process isn’t working you need to change something, now.

Find out more about the benefits of working with Antal-Cyber as your specialist Cyber Security Search Partner

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