Country Manager (UK)

The requirement for a UK Country Manager

We were approached by one of our partner companies in India who had a relationship locally with an Indian IT Consulting And Outsourcing business.  Having recently established a business presence in the UK they were now looking for a Country Manager.Information-Technology search

They currently had someone from their Indian head office, in the UK setting up the company. They had already started the process of creating sales but were now looking locally for a Country Manager. This role would then take on a bigger remit to cover Europe as well as the UK.

The requirement was to identify a person who has experience and exposure of UK and European market and can work well with the Indian side of the business. They were looking for someone to provide a cultural bridge whilst building on existing UK business.

The obvious solution to this was to go to some of the bigger Indian players such as Wipro or Tata Consultancy Services. There would certainly be more people available from these businesses. The challenge would be to get them to move away from a large established business into a European Startup.

The Solution

The solution? Look at similar type and scale businesses that were not Indian but where they had people with an Indian background. They would have experience of working in a none Indian business and could provide the required cultural bridge.

We were able to find a person who had previously worked in a technical environment for an Indian business. He was, when we first made contact with him, heading up the European business for a US led Global IT & BPO company. This person had carried out exactly the same function for this US business as are client was looking for.

As a result our client has now firmly established both their UK and their European presence.