The Cost of Recruitment

Consider the Cost of Recruitment, if you think Professionals are expensive, wait until you see how much Amateurs cost you!!

We have all seen this headline on various posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Most comments are totally in agreement with the sentiment, until it comes to Cyber Security or ICT recruitment that is! Then it’s just about the Cost of Recruitment.

I use science to fill jobsIt is astonishing how the IT and Tech world seem to be so taken by the Cost of Recruitment that they are totally reluctant to pay professional fees to secure the Critical Talent they need. By Critical Talent I mean the people needed to make it happen, to make it work or to bring about the changes needed.  These are the people that really make your business fly.

Yet it is so often just left to chance! To the generalist PSL, internal recruiters or even just relying on advertising and hoping the right person happens along.

The thing is you may just get lucky, but the chances are, you won’t! This isn’t the domain of the generalist recruiter. It’s not within their skill set to carry out the kind of search needed to really secure the right person. They are really good at…..  well general recruitment.

What is Really Needed?

That’s a long way from really understanding what you are looking to achieve and the the dynamics of your business. Getting to know the culture of your team, what skills and experience are needed and how to identify those skills. How to qualify a person to ensure they really can do what they say they can.

It’s also a long way from actually uncovering the people with the talent you need. Engaging with them, influencing them to consider your role. It’s a mile or more from ensuring there is a good selection of people so you know you will find a match.

Not by Accident

fishing for candidates, the cost of recruitment

All this never happens by accident, there is a whole host of things that need to be done. First you need to really define the market where the talent may exist. Next, understand which people in that market may have the skills and experience you require.

After that you have to engage these people in a way that will intrigue them enough to get them to sit up and take note. Now This is when the fun starts! Because the chances are these people are  doing a very good job where they are. If they are doing a good job then they will be enjoying it and will be motivated to keep doing it.

So Now it’s All About Selling

And that’s a skill that really has to be developed and honed to be effective.

Yes it’s true, someone with the talent you need may be actively on the market. If they are that good at what they do, then they won’t just have your opportunity to consider. They will have a good selection to go for, now it’s all about sales. The skill to influence a person to consider your opportunity. Whether they are Actively Looking, or Gainfully employed, they need to be sold your job.

Search consultancy isn’t cheap and it will mean you making a commitment. Consider this though, what would it mean to you if you knew that in 4 to 6 weeks you were going to have a shortlist of qualified and suitable candidates? You know that these people are the top talent you need and they are motivated to consider your opportunity?

Well one thing it means is that you can start planning the interviews and on-boarding process.

Yes there will still be some work to do to secure the right person, you are going to have to sell them your business, the opportunity, your team and yourself to win the right person. You will be starting the interview process with a lot more certainty than you would if you don’t engage  a professional search process.

So when you consider the real Cost of Recruitment, is it Professional or Amateur?

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