Contingency Recruitment

Contingency Recruitment – This can be either exclusive or non-exclusive

When to use contingency recruitmentcontingency recruitment building the team

  • When you are looking to fill multiple roles with the same or similar function, ie volume recruitment.
  • For less senior roles where the skills required are readily available on the market
  • When you can expect a suitably large active response to the position
  • When you want to maintain an ongoing market watch for a specific role in your business (see below for more on this). 

What Contingency Recruitment cannot provide:

The nature of contingency recruitment is that the client business will only pay for candidates who are successfully placed. Because there is no upfront fee commitment they often engage multiple recruitment businesses. 

Therefore there is no guarantee that any recruitment business will be paid for the work they do.

Because there is inherently more risk for the recruitment business there is a requirement for them to mitigate this risk. They do this by ensuring that they have a high volume of business to increase the chances of success.I cant decide which to choose

Candidates sourced for one role can and will often be presented for other business the recruiter is working on. 

Therefore there is no exclusivity of candidates.

The assignments with the greatest chance of success will inevitably be given priority.

This often results in an initial high level of activity as the recruitment business ensures that their best candidates are passed quickly to the client. This activity will quickly drop away as other opportunities take a higher priority.

Because there is no guaranteed fee there therefore can be no guarantee of delivery. Every effort is made to supply at least two or three high quality, qualified and motivated candidates for each assignment. These efforts will be set against higher priority business and as we will not knowingly offer candidates forward that are inappropriate to the role, we cannot commit to delivering any candidates.

Advantages of Contingency Recruitment:I use science to decide

  • By going out to two or three agencies with the search requirement there will be a rapid response. The active market place (of low hanging fruit) is therefore explored quickly.
  • Specialist niche recruiters will often be working with a number of relevant candidates and may well be able to supply highly skilled candidates in a short time.  Many of these candidates will have been sourced by a retained search but were not selected for the role. These are high achieving candidates that can be made available to wider market.
  • Many of the candidates will be immediately available on the market and therefore can be in place quickly.

Contingency recruitment is often a cheaper option to retained recruitment, but beware of buying on price alone, cheap recruitment is cheap for a reason.

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