Central European Sales Director


Our client was a specialist supplier of Mobile Messaging solutions to the Mobile Operator Market.

Looking to enhance their sales capability in Europe our client had been attempting to attract a specific individual into their team. This was a person who had experience with a direct competitor and who had extensive experience and contacts into our clients target market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Having failed to attract this person themselves they came to me to ask if we could find someone generally for the role and ideally see if we could attract this individual.

This was a person we had knowledge of and had tried previously to contact by going through the company he had been working for. On this occasion, however we managed to speak to a person who knew him and was able to effect an introduction on our behalf. We were given contact details and were able to call the person.

Initially cold to the opportunity we were able to relate the ideas and strategy for the position having recently met the Area VP who was the hiring manager for this role. As a result of this we were able to set up an initial phone call and subsequently face to face meetings which lead to the person being offered and accepting the position.