The Candidate Qualification & Selection Process.


The Candidate Qualification & Selection process, discover what it will mean for you and how it saves you time and money.

Our Two Stage Candidate Qualification.

Initial qualification interview to determine and establish:

1. Interest/Motivation (desire to move away from current position and willingness to consider this opportunity) This can be developed by the Consultant but must be real.
2. Qualification (ability to do the role and meeting academic qualifications, functional match, languages, competencies etc.)
3. Current and desired salary requirements.
4. Location and flexibility to relocate, travel, work away, work internationally
5. Consistency (Shape of the CV, stability in roles, consistency of achievement)

Second stage interview to establish real desire, ability, culture and character of the candidate.

This can use Online Digital Interviewing so you can see the candidates answers first hand.
The seven Questions we ask each candidate and what this will tell you.
1. Describe your understanding of this opportunity (Benchmark at outset).
2. Why have you left your last role OR What will motivate you to leave your current role (Push motivation, essential to have this in passive or semi active candidates).
3. What Interests and excites you about this opportunity (Pull factor, this must exist though not sufficient enough on its own without push factor).
4. Describe your current Duties & Responsibilities and track record OR your Last Duties Responsibilities and track record.
5. Describe the role(s) you have done that is relevant to this opportunity and why they are relevant and what you achieved.
6. Describe at least one significant achievement that is relevant to this opportunity, the difference you made and the contribution to your business. (Past Performance predicts future performance).
7. Excluding family describe the achievement, either personal or professional that you are most proud of. (Top Achievers achieve in many ways, establishing other areas of achievement demonstrates an achievement mentality.)

Candidates profiles are presented with our CV header which will include:

  • Relevant Education, Qualifications and Training
  • The candidate Motivation to consider your opportunity
  • Their top two or three achievements relevant to the role
  • Consultants observations & Recommendations
  • Their current and desired remuneration

In addition to these extensive screening interviews we can also arrange for:

  • Reference checks taken to verify the candidates achievements. 2 reference of, usually, previous employer or client, exceptionally can be peer or subordinate worker.
  • Behavioral Profiling to match the candidate to the profile of the job.

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